For an Easy and Painless Storage Experience
  • Label the contents of your boxes for easy identification later.
  • Put larger items on the bottom when stacking things in your locker.  The lockers are 9’ tall so you can stack things up in there.
  • Take care when stacking items so that they don’t fall over.  Things can topple over and block the overhead door from opening and then you have a “problem”! Or they could topple over and hurt the contents or yourself!
  • If you plan on accessing your locker often, think about how you organize the placement of your stuff.  You may want a larger unit so that you can get around without moving a lot of stuff to get at the one thing that you need.
  • When using outside units, keep items that need to stay dry a least 1’ away from the overhead door.  While the doors are designed to be weather resistant, the are not totally weather proof.  Moisture can seep in under the sill in a driving storm.
  • You can use free standing shelving in your unit. Please sk for permission before installing any fixed shelving in your unit.  Please remove it when you move out.
  • Please take larger items you are disposing of to a dump site.  The garbage cans on site are for smaller trash only.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items.
  • Pack boxes fully but not over full. Use bubble wrap or other items to fill the box.  A box that is under filled can get crushed by items placed on top of it and over filled boxes can rip or tear and make it difficult to stack properly.
  • Please do NOT store food items in your locker.  Even if it is properly packaged and sealed it could still attract unwanted insects.
  • Thoroughly clean all appliances before storing them.  Drain all water from washing machines. Thoroughly clean BBQs before storing them.
  • Drain all fuel from motorized items like lawn mowers, chain saws, weed-whipers, motorcycles, etc..  Do NOT store gas cans or propane tanks!